March 5, 2011

Colors Of Termez 2011 - Part II

Termez Archaeological Museum


Termez Archaeological Museum was established in 2001 and officially opened to public in 2002 to commemorate the 2500th anniversary of the founding of Termez. The unique museum houses more than 27,000 artifacts from different historical periods and contains information on the excavation sites and historical monuments of the old Termez.


In front of Termez Archaeological Museum.

A replica of an ancient fort of old Termez.

Ancient artifacts from different historical periods.

Photos and model of an excavation site of old Termez.

Photos and model of another excavation site of old Termez.

Photos and model of an ancient building in Termez.

An ancient stone vessel.

The finely-carved wooden doors of the museum's main entrance.

A Termez Family

Having dinner in an Uzbek restaurant with Anvar's family.

A memory with Anvar's wonderful family and gifts from Anvar's lovely mother.

* All photos courtesy of Anvar Safarov.